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​The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia better known as “The DMV” hosts many Motorcycle Clubs. After a day of enjoying the sport of motorcycle riding through the Baltimore/Ann Arundel County areas of Maryland, Seven (7) individuals decided it was time to organize and form a new motorcycle club for the DMV. These seven individuals consisted of Danny "TAMP" Miller, Sean "S.T." Taylor, David "KILLER BEE" Coleman, Kevin "TRIFE" Brown, Jeff Allen, AJ "MR. WONDERFUL" Jones, and Kevin "WOLF" Spears.


Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club was founded in October of 2003.

A plan was formed and roles and responsibilities were divided amongst the members. The single question remained, “What should we name our club?” After a few hours of deliberating, “Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club” was born.

The club organized rides and attended events for about a year but due to obligations outside of the club for each member, kept us from devoting the time needed to make the organization successful. In 2005, Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club was re-organized and new officers were appointed to move the club in the right direction. At this time, PRMC was back on track and making plans for our future.


Since the reorganization, Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club has established itself as a true Motorcycle Club (MC) in the DMV area.  With such a small group, we’re able to accomplish many successes over the years.  In 2006, our club started hosting Bike Night at T.G.I. Friday's of Greenbelt, MD for ten (10) years.  This EVENT became the LARGEST and LONGEST running BIKE NIGHT EVENT in the DMV.  It allowed other Motorcycle Club’s, independent riders, and social clubs to network and enjoy the company of other fellow enthusiast.

With the success of BIKE NIGHT, we were able to give back to our community by supporting our local charity organizations, like awareness of HIV/AIDs by hosting BIG TIGGER'S "HIV/AIDS RIDE FOR LIFE".  Supporting our charities didn't stop with HIV/AIDs, we also support Homicide Victims of the District of Columbia, PRMC Scholarship Program, PRMC Thanksgiving Dinner Give-Away, and Shop with a Cop (Greenbelt Police Department).


Even though these activities consume(d) a great deal of our time and effort, Platinum Rollers MC still made time to do what we enjoy most, "RIDE".  Our members are dedicated to riding.  We've attended Motorcycle/Social Club (MC/SC) Events, Bike Week Events (Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC, Ocean City), DMV to California Road Trip and PROfessional Conventions. 

In 2014, Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club submitted its Article of Incorporation and IRS Application for Exemption and on August 15, 2014 became a 501(c)7 NON-Profit Organization.  And to protect our brand, Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club submitted its application to the United States Patent and Trademark Offices in order to Trademark its Name and Logos.  On November 15, 2016 Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club was awarded its Trademark Certificate and is now fully protected.


All members play an active part in the continued success of Platinum Rollers MC by adhering to 3 simple rules:

  1. RESPECT (Our Colors and Each Other)



Platinum Rollers MC has expanded there footprint by opening two (2) additional chapters.

Currently PRMC has a total of four (3) chapters listed below:


1. Greenbelt, MD

2. Petersburg, VA

3. Greensboto, NC


all you need to know about


Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club

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