Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club, Inc. (PRMC) welcomes your interest in becoming a member of our organization. Our organization was founded by a small energetic group of motorcycle enthusiasts in 2003. The members who chartered our organization were intent on bringing together like-minded individuals who had a passion for their motorcycles and an interest in the sport of motorcycling.

In order to start the process of becoming a member of our organization, an individual will need a sponsor (Member) that’s currently active within our organization.  Submit your completed On-line  Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club Membership Application by Clicking Here with your Application  and Processing Fee.  Once all necessary documents and fees have been received by Platinum Roller Motorcycle Club, Inc., applicant(s) will then start a 6 month Probationary (PROSPECT) period starting at the next General Monthly Members Meeting.

Applicant(s) are required to apply with the nearest Chapter to their residency. Proof of residency will be required during Application submittal (valid ID/State issued Driver’s license). Applicant must NOT be an Active Member with any other Motorcycle Club for the period of 1 full year. If applicant(s) have been denied membership from any other PRMC Organizational Chapter, they’ll be denied membership to ALL other Chapter’s within our Organization. PRMC is accepting Male applicants ONLY.

The Prospect period is a six (6) month process in which active members of Platinum Roller Motorcycle Club, Inc. will evaluate the individual on several categories (participation, morale judgement, fellowship, riding skills, etc.). The Platinum Roller Motorcycle Club prospects are required to adhere to our organization By-Laws, attend all organizational meetings and perform various tasks that are assigned during this period.

Prospect Period will end on the six (6) month anniversary date of your Application acceptance. The Executive Officers will gather information about the individual performance during that period from current active members of Platinum Roller Motorcycle Club and vote to determine if the individual will become a member of our organization.