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Halloween Trunk-or-Treat is an annual event started in 2017 by the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD). Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club (PRMC) and other local businesses support this event to help celebrate the spirit of HALLOWEEN with the local community.


Kids of all ages of the community come out to the location of the Charity Event.  GPD decorates the Trunks of there Police Cars and Trucks with a SCARY Halloween theme.  PRMC sets up and decorates its Canopy with a SCARY Halloween theme and fills its Tour-Packs (Motorcycle Trunks) full of Halloween Candy.   Kids visit each GPD Police Car/Truck and PRMC Canopy to grab there favorite Halloween Treat or Play a fun filled Scary Halloween Game! 


Kids have a scary good time as they meet local police officers, PRMC members and other local officials and business owners as they ‘trick or treat’ from car to car and from motorcycle to mortorcycle.




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