Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club


The mission of Platinum Rollers Motorcycle Club is promoting motorcycle awareness and unity amongst other motorcycle organizations, enthusiast and communities. We accomplish this by sponsoring rides and social events as well as supporting our local community Programs, Charities and Foundations.






National Executive Officers - Greenbelt, MD

President            - LONG

Vice-President     - MILITANT

Secretary            - n/a

Treasurer            - BULLMAN

Sgt. at Arms        - FACE

​​Charter Chapter Officers - Petersburg, VA

President            - EASY

Vice-President     - B-MOE

Secretary            - n/a

Treasurer            - n/a

Sgt. at Arms        - COOL

Charter Chapter Officers - Charlotte, NC

President            - SCOTCH

Vice-President     - n/a

Secretary            - n/a

Treasurer            - n/a

Sgt. at Arms        - BIG COUNTRY

Charter Chapter Officers - Greensboro, NC

President            - NOMAD

Vice-President     - LION

Secretary            - n/a

Treasurer            - KANO

Sgt. at Arms        - SPYDA LOC

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